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  • Sustainability – Policy for Human Resources Development

Policy for Human Resources Development

At Nomura Trading Group, we have various systems in place to offer meaningful place for job under our recognition that employees are the greatest assets and property, respecting every person’s individuality, and that they can be growing by action based on a value.

Development of human resources

Employees’ growth is indispensable to continuous development of Nomura trading. We make the planned OJT a basis of development of human resources, which we provide the overseas trainee system besides various training or linguistic training which masters the business skill needed for each role job and each qualification grade, and also overseas trainee system is provided and training of human resources to respond to the global deployment for business is positively tackled.

Harmonize work and private

We actively provide a workplace environment that can restrain long hours work for employee’s health, harmonize work and private, and can work with peace of mind.

Every wednesday, leaves by 18 o’clock

We are promoting to improve harmony between work and private by setting every Wednesday as a day to promptly go home (leaving work by 18 o’clock).

Promotion of annual-paid-holidays acquisition

As well as refreshment of a body, we recommend to take a paid vacation positively for volunteer activities and self-enlightenment. A time unit paid holiday system is also introduced and maintenance of the workplace environment which is easy to take harmony of work and private is tackled further.

Child care support

In addition to prenatal leave and postpartum leave system, we also have an environment that allows us to continue working while raising children, including nursing holidays for children, short working hours after returning to work and a staggered work system. Most of the employees who gave birth use the childcare leave system, and even after returning to work, they are basically working on providing a workable environment such as belonging to the same department as before leave.

Nursing care support

We provide employees who need family care to work environments that allow employees to work with peace of mind by allowing them to take longer leave periods and times than the law.