Medium-term management target
– Toward2020

1. Medium-term management targets

Ⅰ.Establish “¥2-billion consolidated ordinary profit” revenue base by conducting business with awareness toward the Nomura Group
Ⅱ.The growth of employee is the growth of the company, Preferential and continuous investment of management resources in human resources development
Ⅲ.Aim for a strong “organization” created by the synergy of strong “individuals” who share the corporate philosophy

2. Basic policy and medium-term priority measures

Increase quality assets
・Restructure the business and create new business using external resources
・Strengthen overseas bases by developing human resources and sharing the customer base
Develop human resources
・Create growth opportunities to develop robust individuals that think and act proactively
・Improve fundamental ability and hand down know-how through OJT, create opportunities to develop management personnel
・Cultivate a culture that values “challenge”, place value on the degree of contribution and attitude in making efforts
・Activate exchange of personnel among the Nomura Group across the world
Improve the management system
・Develop a Group management system to enhance the financial base, and expand investment resources
・Secure transparency of the management process, improve efficiency