Medium-Term Management Plan “Step Up 2023”
Transformation and challenge

1. Basic Policies of the Medium-Term Management Plan “Step Up 2023”

Basic policies Priority measures
Establishing revenue
base for Nomura
Trading Group

・Expand revenue from core businesses by optimizing the business portfolio

・Acquire new revenue sources in overseas markets

・Take on challenges in high-value-added businesses

・Stabilize financial base

Taking on challenges in
new businesses

・Create new businesses by leveraging Group’s assets (human resources, network, partners, information)

・Expand business fields by utilizing expertise

human resources

・Create opportunities for all employees to thrive

・Redesign training programs

Increasing productivity

・Promote business process reengineering

・Reframe operational practice

Improving management

・Further reinforce governance structure

・Enhance management process

2. Three-Year Quantitative Targets

2020 Results
Ordinary profit
1.6 billion yen
Equity ratio
2023 Targets
Ordinary profit
2.0 billion yen
Equity ratio

3. Long-Term Vision 2030

“Rise to the Challenge”

Continue to refine the values of “Trading” as our
means of contribution to the world

Let us become a team that takes on every challenge
as we step into our future

Uniting together as a team, let us create new businesses, both big
and small, which will shine brightly throughout the world

Move forward towards establishing business with a mindset of

Financial targets and Strategies
towards 2030

Financial targets

Consolidated pretax profit :3.0 billion JPY
Equity ratio :around 50%


Maintain current corporate structure with 3 business
units while enhancing collaboration among the units
Put more energy to develop business in/overseas
especially in China and ASEAN region

ESG-oriented management

Establishing a revenue base in new business fields with ESG in mind