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Food Business Unit

Offer of abundance through foods

Our value is demonstrated in a supply chain from upstream to downstream and foods based on security and relief are dealt with.

Meat Products Division

Meat Products No.1 Business Group

Meat business group

This business group that import beef and ​offals from North America and Oceania, etc. has powerful network with overseas business partners who have cultivated for a long time, ​which has enabled the stable supply of the materials ​considering safety in the first place, and has built the steadfast status in Japan. We are also engaged in businesses where we are involved in every phase from raw materials procurement, processing, to sale of finished products or flexibly combine these production phases.

Meat Products No.2 Business Group

Meat Procucts business group

​This business group is based on the following three fields.​​ In our raw materials field, we import pork and other meats from both North/Central America and Europe. They are mainly used for processed ham and sausages in Japan. In our overseas operation field, we are exporting “Wagyu” to 18 nations. As for processing meat field, to allow us to meet the needs of our clients​ in the industries of both convenience store and food service, we are strengthening the supply capability of raw material and processing in overseas.

Marine Products Division

Marine Products Business Group

Processed Food Business Group

The stable supply of high quality fishery products consisting mainly of salmon, mackerel, red fish, roe, etc. is ensured from the broad supply sources in Norway, Iceland, the U.S., Canada, Southeast Asia, and Japan.
By processing materials in the bases at home and abroad, the products suitable for a wide variety of markets can be supplied, and safe and reliable products which meet our strict quality standards are supplied including the traceability from raw materials to products.

Wellness-Agri Materials Division

Wellness Support Business Group

Wellness support business group

​In the pharmaceutical products and health food sector, value-added functionality materials, such as placenta, collagen, and heme iron, are imported from European and ASEAN countries. And home manufacturers’ products are exported to ASEAN countries. In the pet treat section, rare and worthy materials are sourced from many countries in the world to home manufacturers and this group has challenged for the improvement of pet life. In the office furniture section, office chair parts are imported from Europe and Asia for the realization of comfortable office environment.

Agricultural Products Business Group

Agricultural products business group

​​Taking advantage of much know-how and many networks about purchase overseas, we have been supplying raw materials, such as grain, oil and fats, and spices which are one of the origin of our company’s business, and the various processed products for confectionery materials, etc. to customers both in and out of Japan. In order to satisfy the needs of changing, we always challenge new materials and new proposals by a wide viewpoint as a food consultant among Europe, America, Asian countries and Japan.


“We always hold a pioneering spirit in our mind. We follow the path set by our convictions with careful preparation and bold determination.” Here are some of our projects cases.

Trace management from production area to a dining table.~Delicious and healthy, environment-friendly continued type material~


​New Zealand pasture-fed beef

In New Zealand, about half of the national land is used for livestock and dairy ​industries. Soil contamination level is kept ​at the lowest in the world as there are little heavy industries, and the government is positively guiding management and supervision of such environment. ​Eating the pasture which grows under this blessed environment, the ​pasture-fed cattle ​which grow up freely by full pasturage is also attracting the interest ​with highly healthy-oriented countries such as United States and Europe. Not to mention it is delicious, various nutritive values are also abundant. Our company supplies this delicious healthy ​pasture-fed beef in cooperation with the local business partner who has cultivated for years.

New Zealand grass-fed cattle