Corporate History

Nomura Trading, Co., Ltd., which was formerly established in 1917, traces its original founding further back to a business that was established in the earliest days of modern Japan and later grew into a major conglomerate currently known as the Nomura Group. As a member company, we have developed a proven track record over this last century, guided by our founder’s philosophy of keeping moving forward with strong determination. Building on past achievements, we will continue pursuing further growth globally into the future.

1.Before incorporation

  • 1872

    Tokushichi Nomura I founded Nomura Shoten as a money changer business.

  • 1904

    Tokushichi Nomura II (founder of Nomura Trading) inherited his father’s business running Nomura Shoten, and later started a modern-style securities service.

2.After incorporation

  • 1917

    Established Nomura South Sea Enterprise Division within Nomura Shoten.Purchased Danau Salak Plantation in Borneo to launch overseas business. Purchased additional plantations, and consolidated all acquired plantations to form Nomura Noen (Plantation).

  • 1920

    Established Borneo Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. (later, renamed to Nomura East India Shokusan Co., Ltd.)

  • 1929

    Established Yamato Land and Industry Co., Ltd. (later, renamed Nomura Shokusan Boueki Co., Ltd) Set up a trading division to engage in international trading.

  • 1945

    Nomura Shokusan Boueki Co., Ltd split up into two independent companies—one taking over the real estate and agriculture/forestry division and the remaining one, formed as Nomura Trading Co., Ltd., taking over the trading division.

  • 1946

    Daiya Sangyo Co., Ltd. established.

  • 1951

    Nomura Trading Co., Ltd. and Daiya Sangyo Co., Ltd. merged to form New Nomura Trading Co., Ltd.

  • 1956

    New Nomura Trading Co., Ltd. renamed Nomura Trading Co., Ltd.

  • 1974

    Nana-chart traders consolidation was established (present : consolidated subsidiary company).

  • 1976

    Alton trading company incorporate was established.

  • 1979

    Nomura Ivy was established (present : consolidated subsidiary company).

  • 1981

    Reorganized the Tokyo Branch into the Tokyo Head Office,

  • 1986

    Yamato Foods (the name was changed to Nomura Foods Supply) was established.

  • 1989

    Nomura Exporindo was established (present : consolidated subsidiary company).

  • 1995

    Nomura Fotranco was established (present : consolidated subsidiary company).

  • 1997

    Nomura trading (Shanghai), Inc. was founded (present: consolidated subsidiary company)

  • 2002

    Reorganized Nomura Trading Co., Ltd., transferring its business name and rights to a wholly-owned subsidiary (established in 1976) to become the Nomura Trading Group’s controlling company, which was named Nomura Trading Holdings Co., Ltd.

  • 2007

    Nomura Thanh Hoa garment was established (present: consolidated subsidiary company).

  • 2012

    Nomura trading company merged Nomura Foods Supply incorporated company which was a consolidated subsidiary company. stablishment of the present corporate philosophy.

  • 2015

    Nomura Trading Vietnam was founded (present: consolidated subsidiary company).

  • 2016

    Nomura Trading Company was made into a surviving company, Nomura Trading Holdings, Co.,Ltd. was merged company to Nomura Trading Co., Ltd.

  • 2017

    May 7th, Celebrated the 100th anniversary of Foundation.
    Established Zensui Nomura Foods Co., Ltd.(present: consolidated subsidiary company)

Company history chart