Corporate Philosophy

The Nomura Trading Group
cherishes “trust” as an aspiration and a guiding principle,
as an international trading company engaged in global trade.
We strive towards creating a prosperous and brighter future
in this world for the generations to come.


To contribute towards a brighter future and a world fulfilled
with happiness and smiles.

Corporate Value

Wholehearted and Faithful Devotion We work hard to prove ourselves worthy of the trust given to us.
With sincerity we are committed to standing firm to live out our beliefs.

Living Together, Achieving Together We respect different viewpoints and work towards
achieving the lasting prosperity for all the people of Earth.

Pursuing Goals to the Fullest We always hold a pioneering spirit in our minds.
Upon careful preparation, we pursue our goals without
doubt and with boldness and convictions.


Create the future. Grow together with the world.