The 100 year development of Nomura Trading and the founder Tokushichi Nomura

We would like to introduce the 100 year history of Nomura Trading group through the words and episodes of our founder, Tokushichi Nomura, which has become the base of our group’s Corporate philosophy system.

Pre-history 1872 – 1916

  • 1Osaka Shonindo (the Osaka merchants code) and Bushido (the code of the samurai)

    What was education like for the founder, Tokushichi Nomura (2nd generation), who received discipline from his father Tokushichi Nomura (1st generation) and mother Taki?

  • 2The beginnings of modern stock brokering business

    Details on how Tokushichi Nomura began modern stock brokering business ahead of the times.

<The words of our founder>

・Belief is the origin of all businesses.
・Rights, not profit should be contested.
・A customer’s profits should be placed ahead of self profits, etc.

Chapter 1 Overseas Business of Tokushichi Nomura 1917 – 1945

  • 1Makujiku shinzen

    Tokushichi, who succeded in the stock brokerage business, decided on opening business overseas. He began business first in the South Pacific …

  • 2Existing and Prospering Together

    Tokushichi Nomura’s South Pacific business developed, with an aim at to exist and prosper together with the locals…

  • 3Expansion of the Trading Business

    The trade which began with export and import between the South Pacific expanded to various parts of Asia.

  • 4The Brazil Farm

    A decision is made to become the first Japanese company in Brazil through farm management.

<Tokimune Hojo and Makujiku shinzen>

An episode in Japanese history where the words Makujiku-shinzen can be found.

<Nomura conglomerate and the Company Emblem>

The origin of the company emblem which is used by the Nomura group

Chapter 2 Postwar Prosperity 1945 – 1975

  • 1Consolidation with Other Corporations -A New Embarking-

    Post-war, Nomura group was targeted during the dissolving of conglomerates, and embarks as the new Nomura Trading.

  • 2Overseas Development

    From a newly-estabilished merger, Nomura Trading expands overseas locations and joint-ventures into the 1960s.

<Nomura group Post-war>

The present day Nomura group companies whom were originally a part of Nomura Gomei Kaisha

Chapter 3 Overcoming Hardship 1976 – 2004

  • 1Trading Company Depression

    The severe time called trading company winter time was overcome.

  • 2 The Asian Currency Crisis

    We survive the downfall of trading companies which started with the Asian currency crisis.

<Statue of Tokushichi Nomura>

Episode of the Tokushichi Nomura statue in the Nomura trading Tokyo head office reception.

Chapter 4 Brighter Future. Achieving Together.

  • 13 Division system and Global Solution Division

    The signboard of a general trading company is maintained and various business deployment is continued.

  • 2Corporate philosophy system

    We looked back to founder’s idea and made the new corporate philosophy system.

  • 3Celebrating 100th anniversary

    We celebrated 100th anniversary on May 7, 2017